Ladys Rock Light

Lady’s Rock Light

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Lady Rock courtesy of Peter Williams

Lady Rock
Courtesy of Peter Williams

Lady’s Rock Light is located on a rock, submerged at high tide, one nautical mile due east of Duart Point in the Sound of Mull.  The date of the first beacon on this isolated rock is not recorded.  The light is displayed from a square pyramidal, solid-stone tower painted white; in 2001 the original lantern was replaced by a short skeletal tower clad in red painted aluminium panels.  The rock is so named because the wife of one of the first Lords of Duart was stranded on it after displeasing her husband.  Luckily for her a passing fisherman heard her cries and rescued her before the rising tide engulfed her and as the saying goes…’they lived happily ever after’.  This is just one of the many anecdotes about the attempted murder of Lady Elizabeth.  Another claims that her family rescued her.


Flashing White every 6 seconds

Focal Plane:  12 metres

Range:  5 nautical miles

Position:  56 27.0 N 005 36.9 W