Castles & Fortifications

Castles and Fortifications

Mull has a long history of fortification stretching back to the Iron Age.  There are numerous brochs, duns, forts, castles and crannogs scattered across the island.  These would have been used as combined dwelling and defensive sites.

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  • Brochs — Fortified Iron age structures, normally several stories high, with double, galleried walls, and enclosing circular internal courts.
  • Crannogs — Fortified small habitations usually found on either man-made or partially man-made islands, situated close to the shore and usually joined to the land by a causeway or pier.
  • Duns — Relatively small Iron Age defensive enclosures with disproportionally thick dry-stone walls, probably designed for protection of extended family units.
  • FortsLarge Iron Age defensive enclosures, probably intended to protect larger communities
  • Year 1100 + Castles include Moy, Aros, Cairn-na-burgh, Dunara, Duart, Glengorm, Torosay