An Sean Chaistiel Broch

 An Sean Chasteal Broch

An Sean Chaisteal Broch is situated 640 m NNE of Ardnacross farmhouse, overlooking the Sound of Mull, and stands on the brink of a rocky cliff 7 m high, bordering the shoreline, which lies about 100 m to the east.  From all other directions the approach is over almost level ground.  The broch wall has been so severely reduced that the tumbled debris now appears as a circular mound of stones, about 2 m high, with the centre slightly hollowed.  However, a sufficient number of facing-stones are exposed in the surface of the mound to establish that the broch is circular in plan, with a wall at least 4 m thick enclosing a central court about 10.7 m in diameter.

The entrance, on the north west, is choked with debris, including what appear to be fallen lintel-stones; it is checked for a door.  Traces of intramural structures can be seen on the NNE and south, but, in the absence of excavation, it is not possible to determine their precise size or function.

To the north of the broch is a thin scatter of stony debris, which extends for some 17 m to the south west along a natural scarp from the crest of the cliff on the east.  It appears to represent the remains of a defensive outwork, probably a wall, designed to provide extra protection for the broch entrance.

Grid Reference NM 550 499

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