Eilean Ban

Eilean Ban Crannog

This is one of three islets close to the south-west shore of Loch Frisa.  The southernmost two, Eilean Dubh and its neighbour, are clearly natural in origin.  However, Eilean Ban, which lies 330 m north west of Eilean Dubh and is low lying, may have been artificially improved.  It is encircled by a 1.6 m thick dry-stone wall.  Two or three courses of stone are still in place on the north-east side, but elsewhere the wall remains as a scatter of rubble with a few facing-stones in situ.  On the west side the wall was built on a plinth of large boulders.  On the east side it is indented to accommodate a small boat-inlet.

The boat-inlet, together with the style of the masonry, indicate that the remains date from late medieval times or the 17th century.  No internal structures remain.

                         Grid Reference NM 477 493