Dun Mhadaidh

Dun Mhadaidh

This dun is situated about 800 m SSE of Langamull Farmhouse.  It is sited on a rocky boss on the top of a hill, and is protected on the north-east side of the boss by sheer rock faces and elsewhere by steep slopes.

The dun is an irregular oval in plan.  A dry-stone wall, varying in thickness from about 3.0 m near the entrance to 5.2 m on the north side, surrounds an enclosure measuring 12 m by 10.5 m.  Several stretches of both the inner and outer faces are still in place.  However, only one course of stones remains, except on the WSW side where the outer face stands two courses high.  On the south-west side the line of the inner wall is interrupted for a short distance and two stones in the body of the wall may form part of the side walls of a narrow passage, possibly the access to an intramural structure.

The entrance is on the south-east side and is unusually narrow.  It does not appear to have been checked for a door.

Outside the dun to the north west and south east, where the level summit extends a short distance, are scant remains of two walls.  The one to the north west comprises a continuous band of stony debris.  That to the south-east remains as two fragments on the crest of a low rock face.  It provided extra protection for the dun entrance.

                           Grid Reference NM 391 525