Dun Urgadul

Dun Urgadul

Dun Urgadul is situated close to the Tobermory – Glengorm road, just opposite Sgriobruadh Cheese Farm.  It is sited on the west end of a rocky ridge and is protected on the north, south and west sides by steep slopes rising up to 12 m in height.  It can be approached from the south-east where a gentle slope provides easy access.

It is pear-shaped, a 3.7m thick wall surrounding a 13.0 m by 11.0 m internal space.  The wall now appears as a grass-covered  bank of debris standing up to 0.8 m internally and 2.1 m externally.  Stretches of both inner and outer facing stones are preserved.  The wall has been built with two thicknesses on the WNW, where an inner revetment is exposed for a length of about 4.3 m.  This provided extra stability.  The 0.9 m wide entrance is on the east side.

For additional protection an outer wall was built straight across the ridge from NNE to SSW on the vulnerable south-east side.  This is now reduced to a boulder-strewn scarp.

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Grid Reference NM 494 552