Dun Ban, Mingary

Dun Ban Fort

Dun Ban occupies the summit of a rocky plateau about 400 m SSW of Quinish Point.  The plateau is protected on all but the east side by steep, almost vertical rock-faces of between 7 m and 13 m in height.  The fort can be access across a narrow cleft on the east side.

The fort is irregular in shape and measures 58.0 m by 32.0 m internally.  The wall was boulder faced and rubble cored, but little more than a spread of core material remains.  However, on the south and south east several stretches of the outer facing-stones and a short stretch of inner facing-stones remain, providing evidence that the wall was once 3 m thick.  The entrance is marked by a 3.2 m gap in the wall rubble on the south-east side opposite the cleft.  A larger gap on the south west is assumed to have resulted from a collapse of the cliff face.

                         Grid Reference NM 409 566