Dun Guaire

Dun Guaire

This irregular shaped fort is situated 420 m NNW of Croig Farmhouse on a rocky ridge.  It is protected on all but the south side by cliffs and steep, rocky slopes.  However, it can be approached easily from the south.

The remains of a massive wall run along the west side of the ridge and across the south side.  There is no evidence of it having been present on the north and east sides, so that this is actually a promontory fort.  A few stones from both faces of the wall are in place and indicate that its thickness was up to 3.7 m.  The maximum dimensions of the area behind the wall are 67 m by 30 m.  The entrance is to the SSE and is 2 m wide.

The foundations of a turf-and-stone enclosure in the interior of the fort are of relatively recent origin.

                         Grid Reference NM 358 402