Mingary Fort

Mingary Fort

Mingary Fort is also known as Dun Sgaillean and is a small oval fort containing a rectangular building, which is probably of later date.  It is located 365 m SSE of Mingary farm buildings and is sited on an isolated rocky knoll that rises 11.5 m above the surrounding ground.  It is protected on the its north-east and south-west sides by sheer rock faces, but can be approached more easily from elsewhere.

The fort measures 30 m by 15 m within a single stone wall, which varies between about 2.1 m and 2.8 m in thickness.  The remains of the wall are obscured by a later stone-and-turf dyke, which has been built over it for its full circuit.  This is probably contemporary with two enclosure that have been built in the interior.  None-the-less, intermittent stretches of both the internal and external faces of the wall are visible.  The position of the entrance is unclear.

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 Grid Reference NM 418 556