Ardmore Township


Ardmore — 1881 map

This township is located on both sides of the ford beside the forestry commission track.  It once consisted of 15 buildings, one of which was a corn-drying kiln.  As you can see from the photographs below, this township was very disrupted by the tree growth all around.

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ardmore-1 ardmore-2
 ardmore-3  ardmore-4  ardmore-5

Grid Reference NM 47355 57955

Ardmore Farm

Ardmore farm was created after the amalgamation of many smaller holdings whose occupants appeared in the 1841 census.  The farmhouse was a single-storied, gable-ended building with stock pens and steadings nearby.

ardmore-farm-3 ardmore-farm-4
ardmore-farm-2 ardmore-farm-1

Grid Reference NM 47272 58205