Standing Stones & Stone Circles

Standing Stones and Stone Circles

The Isle of Mull has many free standing stones and several stone circles.  Their origin and history are uncertain.  However, it is believed that many of the stones of the west coast, such as the Calanish Stones on Lewis, were erected in the late Neolithic and Bronze Age.  The Neolithic (new Stone Age) spans the years 4,000 to 2,500 BCE and the Bronze Age 2,500 to 800 BCE.

The following is a list of the sites on Mull with grid references.  Where the name is highlighted, more detailed information is available, sometimes including images.  Click to go to the link.  Please check back for further information as the Society has an ongoing updating programme.

Achaban House  NM 313 233;  Ardalanish  NM 378 188;  Ardnacross  NM 542 491;  Baliscate  NM 499 541;  Barr Leathan  NM 726 342;  Catchean (exact location not known);  Cillchriosd  NM 377 534; Cragaig, Ulva  NM 402 390;  Dervaig  NM 435 531, 439 520 & 438 516;  Dishig  NM 496 357;  Druim Fan  NM391 196;  Frachadil  NM 384 523;  Glengorm  NM 434 571;  Gruline  NM 545 396 & 543 397;  Killichronan  NM 540 419;  Lag NM 362 535;  Lochbuie stone circle  NM 617 251;  Lochbuie standing stones  NM 617 250, 616 250 & 616 254;  Mingary  NM 413 552;  Poit na h-I  NM 325 221;  Rossal  NM 544 293;  Scallastle  NM 699 382;  Scoor NM 419 189;  Suie  NM 371 219;  Taoslin  NM 397 223;  Tenga  NM 504 463; Tirghoil  NM 353 224;  Tostarie  NM 391 456;  Uluvalt  NM 547 299;  Ulva  NM 425 392;  Uisken  NM 392 197

Dr Robert Pollock of Otaga University in New Zealand has published a web site called ‘Stones of Wonder.  In his words this ‘is a Web guidebook to prehistoric monuments in Scotland dating to the Neolithic or the Bronze Age, which have orientations to the sun, moon or stars.  It gives the background to the archaeology of the sites, to archaeoastronomy and to previous work.  The main part of the guidebook is a listing of the monuments that can be visited, and the best time of year to see them and observe for yourself the sunrises, sunsets, moon rises and moon sets. The work is based on original surveys, of which full details are given.’

Dr Pollock has described the following sites:  Ardalanish, Ardnacross, Balisgate, Cillchriosd, Dervaig, Lochbuie standing stones, Lochbuie stone circle, Uisken

There are also several locally published printed works about the Stones of Mull.