Ardalanish Bay Standing Stones

Two stones, one of which is now prone, are situated on level ground 700 m south east of Ardalanish farm and within 150 m of the shore of Ardalanish Bay.

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Courtesy of Anita Tunstall


The upright is a rough schist slab with a rounded top, now leaning slightly towards the south west, which measures 1.20 m by 0.35 m at the base and 1.9 m in height.

Courtesy of Anita Tunstall


The fallen stone, a hard sandstone, was said to have been standing about 1910.  It lies 12 m to the south east.  It measures 2.4 m in length by 0.7 m at its widest and only its upper surface is exposed.  It is inscribed with a circle, 0.6 m in diameter with a central indentation, which appear to have been made in comparatively recent times, perhaps a failed attempt to cut a quern-stone.


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  Images courtesy of Anita Tunstall

Grid Reference NM 378 189

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