Cup-marked Rocks

About 1.2 km along the road westward from Calgary Bay there is tall scree slope and bluff on the left (Craig-a'Chaisteal), and to the right a short sharp dip in the road with a small, flat, bracken-choked space towards the edge of the cliff. This is called the Druids' Field.

About 110 m west from the foot of the dip are two rocks with 5 cm deep cup-markings on their smooth western faces, whilst level with the ground are stones which might have been the foundations of prehistoric structures.

Cup and ring stone markings all over Europe have been dated from 3,500 to 1,000, i.e. a spread across the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. In Kilmartin Glen, a large prehistoric site on the nearby mainland, the extensive rock markings have been dated to around 3,000 BCE, which suggests the Neolithic time period.

Edited from: Macnab, P, Highways & Byways in Mull, 1988.

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