This section has been written by members with an interest in the religious life of the island.  It is quite large and, therefore, has been subdivided into the areas indicated on the menu bar to the right.  Please click on the appropriate link to access further information.  For example, clicking on churches will take you to descriptions of many churches, such as Salen Church and Kilvickeon Church.

Material published on this website has also been co-ordinated with the 'Places of Worship in Scotland Project' being carried out under the direction of Edwina Proudfoot, and some of the material has been shared between the two projects. The project being organised by Edwina is part of Scottish Church Heritage Research (SCHR), which is a voluntary co-ordinating body comprising individuals from various professions, faiths and backgrounds. They share an interest in bringing to a wider public an understanding of all the places and buildings that have been used as places of worship in Scotland, regardless of faith, denomination or present condition. Click here to go to their website.

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