Torr a’ Chlachain

Torr a’ Chlachain Fort

This is one of two forts in Glen Bellart, the second being Torr Aint Fort about 1.3 km to the west.  There are considerable similarities in the location and construction of these two forts.

Torr a’ Clachain Fort is sited on a prominent, north-west to south-east aligned ridge, 565 m south west of Torr a’ Clachain Farmhouse.  It lies just east of the road that runs from Dervaig to Torloisk.

It is an irregular oval in plan.  A 49 m by 26 m space was surrounded by a single wall, which varied between 3.0 m and 4.3 m in thickness, but on the north-east and south-west sides it has fallen away down the steep flanks of the ridge leaving only a few outer facing-stones in place.  Longer stretches of the lowest course of the outer face and a few inner facing-stones remain on north-west and south-east sides, as does a large quantity of core material.  The entrance, which lies on the south-east side, is about 1 m wide and the interior space is featureless.

                         Grid Reference NM 429 500