Eilean nan Damh

Eilean nan Damh Fort

This fort is situated on the narrow, north-west promontory of the island of Eilean nan Damh, which lies on the south side of the mouth of Loch Scridain and on the east side of the Achnahard area of the Ardtun peninsula, near Bunessan.  The island is cut-off at high tide.  The fort an be approached easily from the SSE across level ground, but is protected by sheer cliffs on all other sides.

The promontory is leaf shaped in plan, measuring 38 m by 19 m and has been fortified by a stone wall, which has been built across its neck and continued for a short distance along each flank.  The wall is boulder faced with a rubble core and has been robbed-out leaving only a grass-grown, stony bank of rubble 3.0 m thick and 0.8 m high.  Only a short length of outer facing-stones and parts of the side walls of the entrance passage are still in place.  The 1 m wide entrance is at the centre of the neck of the promontory and does not seem to have been checked for a door.  The interior is level and featureless.

                         Grid Reference NM 396 240