Barrow & Standing Stones at Suie

Barrow & Standing Stones at Suie

Situated in the moorland 1 km to the west of Bunessan, on the north side of the Bunessan-Fionnphort road and just to the south of the deserted township of Suie, there are the remains of a barrow and two standing stones.  The barrow, now grass covered, measures 22 m by 19 m, stands to a maximum height of about 1 m and is slightly hollowed at the centre.

On the east edge there is a polygonal setting of stones, which may be the chamber of a chambered tomb.  It measures about 2 m across internally and is lined with vertical slabs, five of which are still in situ, several fallen slabs are visible and one of them has been reused to form a lintel.

There are two standing stones on the NNE side of the barrow.

  • One is on the edge of the barrow itself, measures 0.6 m by 0.3 m at its base and is 1.1 m high.  It is pierce by a hole at the top, but this doesn’t seem to be an ancient perforation.
  • The other is inclined to the north east, is straight sided with a flat top, measures 0.6 m by 0.3 m at the base and is 1.95 m high.

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