Dun a Chiabhaig

Dun a Chiabhaig

This dun is situated on a rocky knoll on the north-east side of and adjacent to the road from Bunessan to Uisken, about 270 m above Uisken beach.  It can be approached relatively easily up a grassy slope on the west side, but on all other sides it is protected by rocky slopes or vertical rock faces.

It is roughly oval in plan, the internal enclosure measuring 30 m by 15.5 m.  The single stone wall appears to have varied in thickness, but would have been 4.5 m thick on the north-west side.  It is now little more than a low bank or stony scarp, in which a number of outer facing-stones can still be seen.  A dip in the core material on the west side may indicate the position of the entrance.

A recent rectangular enclosure has been built on the north-west side against the outer face.

                         Grid Reference NM 387 189