Dun Haunn

Dun Haunn

This Dun is situated about 200 m NNE of the headland known as Dun Haunn.  It occupies a very strong position on the south-west end of a coastal promontory.  The main section is sited on the summit of a rocky boss about 5.5 m above the level of the promontory on its north-east side.  All other sides are protected by 40 m high, sheer or overhanging cliffs.

A dry-stone wall follows the margin of the summit, enclosing an area measuring about 10.5 m by  7.5 m.  It remains as a grass-covered band of debris, but it has not survived on the west side, where it is assumed to have fallen away over the edge of the cliff.  Several stretches of facing stones are still in place on the outer face.  The position of the door is not clear, but it may have been at the top of a natural ramp that rises from the promontory to the summit and aligns with a slight depression in the wall debris.

Two outer walls provided additional protection.  One follows the outer edge of the ramp and continues towards the cliffs on the south-east side of the promontory.  It is now little more than a scattering of core material and is partly overlain by a recent boundary wall.  A gap indicates the possible site of an entrance.  The second wall forms an irregular arc from the cliff edge north of the dun to the base of the rocky boss.  It is visible now only as a 1.4 m high rocky scarp.  A few massive outer facing stones are still in place.  The foundations of a recent sub-rectangular enclosure lie immediately outside this wall. 

                         Grid Reference NM 334 475